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Minecraft 1.13.2

Sandbox game of creativity and survival

Minecraft is a fantastic game that mixes creativity, survival, and exploration. Survive alone in a blocky, pìxelated world where monsters come out at night, create fantastical buildings and structures, or collaborate with other players online.

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  • Hugh Arnold

    by Hugh Arnold

    I love the game vary much can you give me a free gun mod. From Liam ,

  • Wyatt Elmer

    by Wyatt Elmer

    cool fun game to play best game ever colgfhjffghfffjhfjhfhgjjjjjjj

  • Isabella Hilleshiem

    by Isabella Hilleshiem

    Its awesome you can put all of your idea's in MINECRAFT!! I've played it with multi player, you can have 4 players and have teams of 2 v.s. 2. I love the cats and the dogs the're so cute!!

  • Ryan Mecham

    by Ryan Mecham

    I love this game it is so awsome. i love playing it.the blocks are so cool

  • Illidan Martin

    by Illidan Martin

    i recommend it because i think it brings people together and minecraft lets you build anything you want and you can play it anywhere.

  • Jehoshoy Wushu

    by Jehoshoy Wushu

    minecraft is my one of the favourite game and i thing it is the best game in the world because every country people play's minecraft

  • Elliott Hook

    by Elliott Hook

    I love minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Monterola

    by Ashley Monterola

    It is awesome and really cool too and also you are the most good thing that has ever happened to me

  • Erinn Jordan

    by Erinn Jordan

    love it and is fun to play and has a lot of tolls you can use

  • Noah Zellman

    by Noah Zellman

    it is fun you whatever you can blow up lots of stuff.

  • Saiyan Holiber Gaming Arcade

    by Saiyan Holiber Gaming Arcade

    I love the game so much good grapics and it entertains me and my friends

  • Rylen Crockett

    by Rylen Crockett

    loved it so much thanks for putting so much work in to making this game

  • Elijah Hunt

    by Elijah Hunt

    how did people make the game i love this game it is the coolest.

  • Jonah Woon

    by Jonah Woon


  • Max Day

    by Max Day

    I love Minecraft I have played it for a couple of years I recommend it because there are so many possibilities.

  • Kheard Ragex

    by Kheard Ragex

    It should be less expinsive or you could step up your game because this game is trash compared to fortnite and I hate fortnite

  • confidence dominic

    by confidence dominic

    i love minecraft it is great i love it. that i will spend my money on it ples can i get it for free then i will send you the money when i get it. + i dot have the google play card yet but i will soon. thank you

  • Anthony Karraker

    by Anthony Karraker


  • Maliah Fields

    by Maliah Fields

    be cause I like to play it and it is very fun for every kid

  • Natalie Hawley

    by Natalie Hawley

    I love minecraft because you can do diffrent things. I love playing so much

  • Georgia Kaylor

    by Georgia Kaylor

    i love minecraft so so much thank you for making minecraft it makes me smile every day..

  • Abraham Mazariegos

    by Abraham Mazariegos

    Minecraft is the best game in the world, especially if it has a free download!

  • Tami. E

    by Tami. E

    I love this game I can do every thing.I can play with my friends and it's so amazing

  • Shylah Silbery

    by Shylah Silbery

    minecraft is my favourite because all of updates and new blockes

  • Lapais squad With Maya

    by Lapais squad With Maya

    I think minecraft is a good game i always wanted to play minecraft on my computer but i cant get the game :( so sometimes i wish it would let me get minecraft for free and let me play it so i can see how it is i never play minecraft befor so i wish i can play it.

  • Aiden Schmidt

    by Aiden Schmidt

    Oh Hi Welcome To My School House. Let's Play Gotta Sweep Sweep Sweep

  • JamRiot88

    by JamRiot88

    minecraft is a that i kinda like but i usually play roblox this game is good.

  • Ahmad Gharaibeh

    by Ahmad Gharaibeh

    i love this game and i want to download it please and thank you

  • gabe wilson

    by gabe wilson

    i want to play it so that i can get crafting deadand play with poeple

  • Bowen ruan

    by Bowen ruan