What to expect from Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II

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Well, we’ve been waiting for the launch of Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II ever since we had a taste of Caves & Cliffs Part I. This version focuses on brand new mountain biomes and cave items. You’ll also see the mobs added before in their natural habitats.

If you’ve decided to play the game again and wondering what’s new, here’s what you can expect from the Minecraft 1.18 update and how to update it so you can enjoy the experience.

What to expect from Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II

When did Minecraft 1.18 launch?

Minecraft 1.18 was released on November 30, 2021. While Mojang did their best to ensure everyone received the new update on all platforms simultaneously, the various stores only made them available at specific times. Also, you may have to wait until it’s available in your location, specifically for PlayStation and Xbox.

We suggest you save a backup of any Minecraft worlds you created. All the old features will be replaced with new textures and terrains, and you’ll want to keep a copy somewhere in case the transformation fails.

Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II

How to update to Minecraft 1.18 on PC, console, and mobile

If you’re ready to get started with the Minecraft update, you’ll need to use the appropriate method for your platform. Fortunately, the steps are easy, and in some cases, you may already have version 1.18 on your device. 


Updating Minecraft to 1.18 on your PC depends on how you installed it. If you have a Minecraft Launcher, you should receive it automatically, or there’ll be a notification for you to update to the new version. If you have the Xbox app, head to the ‘My Collection’ section and then ‘Manage Installs’. You’ll see a button that says ‘Update Now’ if it’s available. You can follow the same method in the Microsoft Store ‘Library’ section.


PlayStation 5 also updates automatically, but PlayStation 4 only updates when you try to play the game or you’ve done so recently. To check if you have Minecraft 1.18 available, head to the game in your Library, hit the Options button, and select ‘Check for Update’. You can also look in your Downloads section if it’s already been installed.


Xbox players can follow a similar process to PlayStation gamers. Head to the Apps & Games portion, go to Downloads, and see if the Minecraft 1.18 update is available. You can also check the game in the Xbox Store and update from there.

Nintendo Switch

For the Nintendo Switch, the process is slightly different. Find the game in your Library and tap the + button. After you open Options, you’ll see a Software Update section that has Via the Internet as a selection. If the device hasn’t applied Minecraft 1.18 already, you should see it there.

Mobile devices (Android and iOS)

If you want to update your mobile Minecraft game to 1.18, it depends on where you got the application. If from the official App stores, you can check there for any updates. The same applies to any other store or unofficial sources you may have downloaded it from, as they usually have their own update sections. 

Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II

Minecraft update 1.18: improved and new caves

If you have the update ready, you may be wondering what’s new that you should look out for. Here are the latest items and biomes added with Minecraft 1.18.

Lush caves

This new cave biome gives new life to the underground, with new plants and mobs for you to discover. When you see Azalea leaves in the overworld, you’re bound to find lush caves below them. It’s also the prime location for axolotls, grow berries and cave vines. 

Dripstone cave

How does a cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites sound? Well, this is the premise of the dripstone biome. There are also dripstone blocks you can mine as well as using pointed objects like vines. Just be careful that you don’t fall into a pit filled with stalagmites, as it will mean your death!

Other caves worth noting

While the above two cave biomes are exciting, there are three types called noise caves you’ll also encounter:

  • Spaghetti cave: Thin and long areas that sometimes hold aquifers
  • Noodle cave: A smaller version of the spaghetti cave
  • Cheese cave: Massive areas with loads of ore and aquifers


If you prefer living on top of the mountains instead of inside them, you’ll love the new mountainous biomes. There are six in total with the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part II update:

  • Mountain Meadow: These low mountain areas have various flowers, and you can also find sweet berries here.
  • Mountain Grove: As one of the initial snow-covered mountain areas, you’ll find spruce trees and rabbits in this location.
  • Snowy Slopes: These are taller than most mountains, and you’ll discover goats, ice, and snow.
  • Lofty Peaks: If you have surrounding warm biomes and high mountains, you’ll see these gorgeous peaks covered in snow. 
  • Snow Capped Peaks: Should the surrounding area be too cold, then lofty peaks are replaced with this biome. It contains packed ice and snow blocks.
  • Stony Peaks: Similar to lofty peaks and snow capped peaks, this biome contains gravel and stone instead of ice and snow. 
Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II

New items and blocks in Minecraft 1.18 update

While most of the new items and blocks appeared in the first Caves & Cliffs update, there are a few new items that found their way into Minecraft 1.18. 

Ore veins

You’ll not find snake-like formations of iron and copper in Minecraft, which yield more resources than before. If you’re mining above Y=0, you’ll discover copper, while below that level is reserved for iron. 


If you enjoyed Lena Raine’s tracks in the previous Minecraft versions, you’ll be happy to know that five new songs have been added for 1.18. If you head dungeons and strongholds, you may find a disc called ‘otherside’.

How does Minecraft 1.18 affect world seeds?

There are basically two official versions of Minecraft: Java and Bedrock editions. Usually, entering the same world seeds in both of them didn’t yield the same results. One significant benefit of update 1.18 is that worlds are now nearly identical if you use the same seeds, but only if both versions have the new update applied.

What to expect for Minecraft 1.19 update in 2022

While Mojang did everything possible to include everything that was promised for Minecraft 1.18, there are some items that are delayed. Specifically, you’ll need to wait for the Deep Dark biome and the Warden that dwells in it. These will be included in Minecraft 1.19 when it launches in 2022.

Called The Wild update, Wardens will respond to movement and vibrations since they’re blind. Even if you have a torch or other light source, the area you’re in will grow dimmer when one is near you. You’ll also notice how the horns rattle and glow, which is your cue to flee or fight.

Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II

Let’s head to the mountains!

Well, there you have it. The Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs Part II is officially available, and you can journey through the new biomes to your heart’s content. If you’ve shared your adventures online or on YouTube, please feel free to let us know.

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