Minecraft Launches First Caves and Cliffs Update

Shaun M Jooste


Are You Ready For The Latest Features In Caves and Cliffs Part 1?

Well, it’s finally here. After a long wait and several announcements, the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update part 1 has been released on computer and consoles. Dubbed version 1.17, there’s plenty of new content to enjoy, and you can imagine how wild the MC gaming community is going with the new items and mobs.

The first notable addition is with the new blocks. You’ll see new ore, flowers, gems, and objects. It creates a new flare for playing Minecraft, with some exciting additions, such as Amethyst, Azaleas, candle dyes, cave vines, and more. You’ll also find new raw metals to craft items that weren’t available in the game before.

Minecraft Launches First Caves and Cliffs Update

Of course, gamers are always looking to see what new mobs they will encounter when running around in the wild. You’ll now find goats in mountain biomes, which will also receive a massive update with part 2. 

The Axeloti is the first amphibian in Minecraft, and you’ll only spot these where there’s complete darkness and stone nearby. Be sure to also hunt for the glowing squid.

Two new biomes are already available before part 2, namely, Dripstone and Lush Caves. If you’re into command, several have been added to the game for you to enjoy. We’re excited to see how gamers react to these changes, so feel free to share your YouTube channel with us if you’ve recorded any content.

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