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How to Tame a Cat In Minecraft in 3 Easy Steps



Minecraft contains so many animals that you can tame, such as foxes and horses. However, nothing is as fuzzy and adorable as a cat! They’re lightweight, cute, and follow your every step meowing away. If you’re more into kitties than wildlife, you’ll have fun collecting as many breeds as you can find.

Here’s a quick guide on how to tame a cat in Minecraft.

What you need before you start

Animals needed

1 x Cat

Materials needed

Raw Salmon

Time estimation

A few minutes

How to Tame a Cat In Minecraft

Before you can lure and tame a cat in Minecraft, you’ll have to obtain some fishy food to gain its interest. Let’s go through these steps carefully.

Step 1: Catch some raw salmon or cod

First up, it’s time to go fishing. You can either use a rod that you’ll craft or you can simply jump in the closest lake or river. Most gamers enjoy the simple pleasure of fishing by the waterside, but there’s nothing wrong with punching the lights out of a cod or salmon.

Step 2: Find the cats

Locating cats are as easy as finding your local village. There must be at least four beds to spawn one feline. Therefore, if you want to find a maximum of ten cats, you’ll need a village with 40 beds. You’ll find plenty of different colors to choose from, so choose your bundles of joy carefully.

Step 3: Tame your kitties

Now that you have your cat in sight, you need to crawl up to it slowly with the fish in hand. When it moves towards you, carefully feed it several times and wait for hearts to appear. As soon as they do, the kitty is officially your pet.

Can you hear them purrrrrr?

You’ll hear the joy and love of this animal by the furious purring when sitting nearby you. You can also use a leash to direct the creature around or tell it to sit. We hope you have a meow-tastic time!

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