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How to Make Paper in Minecraft in 3 Easy Steps



Making paper in Minecraft, whether on desktop or mobile, is essential for crafting other components for more advanced items. Sure, you might not be able to tame a horse or fox with it, but it will help you build books that lead towards enchanting armor and weapons.

What you need before you start

Tools needed

1 x Crafting table

Materials needed

3 x Sugar cane

Time estimation


How to make paper in Minecraft?

Let’s head out to find the necessary resources before you make paper in Minecraft.

Step 1: Find water

Sugar cane is an item that appears next to water sources. You’ll most likely locate them next to rivers, lakes, or the open season sandy or grass blocks. They grow up to four blocks high, so you can’t miss them!

Step 2: Collect sugar cane

Once you have them in sight, chop them with your hand since they break easily. You’ll receive the same amount of cane as per the block height. For instance, a stem three blocks high will yield three sugar cane. To maintain a steady supply, you should replant some to grow more in the future.

Step 3: Craft paper

Now that you have your cane, head to your crafting table. You’ll need to insert three of them anywhere on the grid to produce one paper.

Changing the face of the paper industry

While this approach isn’t industrial and you don’t need to chop trees with your mighty ax, it’s a fast and easy way to maintain a constant paper supply. You’ll be able to create maps and banners in no time. If you need more tutorials, feel free to read our Minecraft Crafting Guide.

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