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How to Make a Fence in Minecraft in 3 Fast Steps



So, you’ve built your home, made your bed, tamed a few cats and horses, and started collecting some honey. Life’s good, yes? What about those monsters at night threatening your crops or chasing your pets away? You’ll need to learn how to make a fence in Minecraft if you want to protect all you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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What you need before you start

Tools needed

1 x Crafting table

Materials needed

2 x Sticks

4 x Wood Blocks

Time estimation


How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

Crafting fences is one of the easiest tasks you’ll perform in Minecraft. Sure, you can also run to the closest village and chop some to take home, but what’s the fun in that?

Step 1: Find some wood

Head out to the closest trees and start chopping them down. You need enough to make four blocks of wood planks and two sticks per fence. Remember, the fence type will depend on which trees you harvest.

Step 2: Prepare your resources

Now that you have your resources, go to your crafting table and start setting it up. You need two planks in the bottom of the left and right columns, with the sticks between them.

Step 3: Craft your fences

You have a choice of crafting each set of fences once, a few times, or all at once. Ensure that you press the appropriate button, as the final selection will use all available resources for the max amount.

Setting your de-Fences

Not only do fences look fantastic around your property, but they will keep your animals and crops in one place. Play around with different ideas, and don’t forget you can also make Nether fences for that extra touch.

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