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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft in 3 Fast Steps



Are you feeling sleepy after mining and crafting all day? Hitting the sack in Minecraft isn’t only crucial for restarting the day and avoiding monsters. It also creates a save point for when you die and respawn. Discovering how to make a bed in Minecraft is one of the first tasks to undertake when you begin playing the survival sandbox game.

What you need before you start

Tools needed

1 x Crafting table

Materials needed

3 x Wood Planks

3 x Wool

Time estimation


How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Crafting a bed in Minecraft doesn’t happen like magic. You’ll need to make an effort to run around and obtain some items first. 

Step 1: Collecting resources

You’ll need three wood planks and three wool blocks. It doesn’t matter what planks you obtain, as long as all three are the same. However, the color wool you collect will link to the bed’s hue. So, if you want a pink bed, you’ll need to dye a sheep before clipping the wool with some shears. You can also kill the sheep, scoring some mutton in the process.

Step 2: Head to the crafting table

Now that you have all your resources at hand, head on over to your trusty crafting table. You’ll need to place the three planks in the central row and the wool above it. If you think about it, that makes logical sense.

Step 3: Create your bed

When you hit the craft button, your bed will appear, ready and fluffed. You can carry it around with you and place it down when you’re ready to sleep. However, keep in mind that it will create a spawn location on that spot, and you can’t sleep if monsters are nearby.

Go ahead and count your sheep

As you can see, making a bed in Minecraft is easy, as long as you have sheep around. One of the most frustrating aspects we’ve encountered is running around hoping one will appear. You may be better off creating a farm, taming and breeding them for a constant supply of wool.

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