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How to Change Minecraft Username in 3 Simple Steps



You may be having loads of fun in Minecraft crafting new homes, obtaining honey, or taming cats. However, that username ‘sexybillyfunkybob2045’ isn’t working for you anymore. Working out how to change your Minecraft username can be challenging, as the game doesn’t permit you to do it in the settings.

How to Change Minecraft Username

The only way to change your Minecraft username is by accessing the account settings on the internet. We’ll show you the shortest route here below.

Step 1: Sign into your Mojang account

Firstly, head to the website that provides access to your Mojang account. You’ll need to log in with your details or migrate your old account to the new version.

Step 2: Access your profile name

Once you’re in your account, look around at the Minecraft Services page for the ‘Profile Name’ option.

Step 3: Change your Minecraft username

To the right of the ‘Profile Name’ option is the ‘Change’ button. Click on it and insert the new name you want. The system will check the availability first before you can save it.

What’s in a name?

Are you happier now that you have a better name? Keep in mind that you can’t change the username again for the next 30 days. So, if you changed it for a new girl you fell in love with, you better make sure the feelings last for at least a month.

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