Minecraft meets the Angry Birds in a new adventure DLC

Leri Koen


Fans of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft got a real treat as another popular game finally made its way to the platform. Rovio’s Angry Birds game gained immense popularity and even released two feature-length movies. These loveable birds are making their way into Minecraft to continue protecting eggs from the piggies.

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Minecraft Angry Birds is now available to all Bedrock edition players in the Marketplace. This new adventure DLC features two game modes. The first is Classic mode, which sees players flinging birds from a giant slingshot at various piggy towers – similar to the original mobile game, but in full Minecraft style.

Minecraft meets the Angry Birds in a new adventure DLC
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The second is Mission mode, in which the players have to explore four different environments to rescue the other bird characters. The characters that need rescuing include Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and more. Once rescued, the player will unlock the character, and they will become a playable character for the rest of the adventure. 

Each character that you unlock will have its own special abilities that can be used in various ways against the nefarious green piggies. Along your adventure in rescuing the other characters, you’ll also find golden eggs containing hatchlings.

Minecraft Angry Birds includes six playable characters from Angry Birds, ten character skins, and one character creator item. Making this crossover even more exciting. Angry Birds also released a new mobile game this year. We’re very excited to experience the nostalgia of Angry Birds within Minecraft and curious to know if the combination will work.

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