Minecraft Beta Opens For Caves and Cliffs Update

Shaun M Jooste


Minecraft’s Massive Caves and Cliffs Update Is Almost Here!

Last month, Mojang Studios announced that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will receive two massive updates for caves and cliffs. The spread over two patches will make it easier to test and distribute the content without destroying the game. Well, the time has finally come for gamers like you to try the Beta version before it becomes an official release.

With the first update appearing soon, there will be lots for you to test in the Beta version. You’ll see new mobs and ores, while there are a few tweaks to the character creation and dressing room features. Of course, all of the excitement takes place with the cave revamp.

Minecraft Beta Opens For Caves and Cliffs Update

However, there are some warnings you should be aware of. Your official version of Minecraft will vanish, and you’ll receive the Beta version instead. That means you won’t have access to your save worlds while you do the testing. You also won’t be able to join online servers or play with your friends.

Sadly, PlayStation and iOS gamers will miss out on the Minecraft Beta testing until further notice. It’s only available for Windows, Android, and Xbox One, which does put a damper on things for some of us. 

Still, we’re looking forward to the promised 91 new blocks in the first Caves and Cliffs release. The second part that focuses on world generation will appear later in the year.

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