Minecraft 1.6.1 Horse Update released today

Jonathan Riggall


The next update to Minecraft, version 1.6.1, will be released today. Called the ‘Horse Update‘, it indeed brings horses to Minecraft. You’ll be able to tame, ride and breed horses, as well as give them armor. The update comes with a raft of non-horse related additions and updates too.

There are five types of horse – normal horses, donkeys, mules, skeleton and undead horses. There are 35 breed variations of horse, and once tamed they can be given saddles, armor and equipment.

Minecraft 1.6.1 Horse Update released today

Other additions include lead blocks, carpets, name tags, hardened and stained clay. The Minecraft launcher has also been updated, with self updates and a new password storing system amongst the improvements.
The Horse Update looks like being one of the most popular Minecraft versions, and lots of players are excited about using horses in the game. What will you call yours?

Read more about the Minecraft Horse update.

[Source: Minecraft wiki]

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