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The limitless possibilities that Minecraft offers make it a place where dreams can come true. If you’ve the energy to craft your real life dreams, then Minecraft is the place for you. Accordingly, there is a thriving house-building movement in Mojang’s little virtual universe. Building dream homes in Minecraft is very popular with all manner of creation popping up; from the isolated cabin in the woods to vast mega mansions. There are no limits in this video game. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Minecraft house ideas

Endless possibilities can be a little hard to define, however, so we’re going to help you get started by serving up some inspiration. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’re here to help. Check out these ideas for amazing Minecraft houses.

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Minecraft house ideas

So, what do you actually need to make a place your home in Minecraft? Well, you’re going to need a bed so that you can respawn in the comfort of your own home. You’re also going to need at least one chest so that you can store all your items. If you want to craft some items, you’re going to need a crafting station and a furnace. Finally, unless you want to live in darkness and constantly have to fend off Mobs like skeletons, zombies, and creepers you’re going to need a lot of torches.

Beyond those basics, you’re good to go. If you have the items, we’ve laid out below, you’ve got yourself a Minecraft home. Anything you add from this point on; whether that be a few extra chests for storing more items, brewing stands or enchanting tables for making yourself some advanced gear or that infinity pool you’ve always wanted is up to you.

A modern Minecraft house

Modern house minecraft
Image via: Grabcraft

In Minecraft, the materials you use will make a difference. Wood looks good but isn’t as strong as cobblestone. If you’re building a modern house though, you’re going to want to build with materials like stone, slabs, or clay. You’ll also need lots of glass if you’re going to put in floor to ceiling windows in your living room. Also, would any modern home be complete without a landscaped garden to gaze at through those windows? We think not. A modern Minecraft house will take a lot of planning, time, and effort but will definitely be worth it, should you pull it off.

A survival Minecraft house

Minecraft Survival house
Image via: Grabcraft

There are many different types of survival Minecraft houses but what about a Minecraft house built into the side of a mountain or underground? What would feel more like trying to fight your survival than going to sleep every night in a cave?

These types of Minecraft houses are very popular, but they do come with their own sets of unique issues. For a start, they can be difficult to find. You’ll have to leave markers for yourself, showing you where your home is if you don’t want to end up sleeping out in the cold or in a thunderstorm. You’ll also need to take plenty of torches with you into your underground home as, like we’ve already mentioned, mobs spawn in the dark and what could be worse than having to fight off zombies in the night?

An easy Minecraft house

The underground/cave house that we’ve described above could be one of the simplest Minecraft house ideas. Another easy Minecraft house idea would be to build a simple wooden house. Who said log cabins weren’t cool?

Minecraft house

If you decide to build a wooden house, you won’t struggle to find building materials, wood is almost everywhere, and you’ll also face little struggle shaping it into the cabin of your dreams. If you want a house that actually looks like a house, then a wooden cabin is definitely the easiest way to get there.

A medieval Minecraft house

Obviously, there wasn’t any single style of medieval house. In Minecraft though, there are a few design features that are distinctively “medieval”. Cobblestone is everywhere, although you’ll also find quite a few wooden features in medieval Minecraft houses. Fireplaces play a big part too, and grand halls have their place in medieval dwellings. There is room to maneuver on this one so if you decide you want a medieval house, you’ll still have a bit of freedom to add your own personality to your designs.

Medieval Minecraft House

A cute Minecraft house

If you think that wooden cabin, we talked about earlier, was cute wait until you see a Minecraft treehouse. Treehouses are always thought of as cute little dens for kids to play around in. In Minecraft though, things are different. In Minecraft, treehouses take on a whole new meaning.

Treehouse Minecraft

Of course, you can simply build a house on the top of the tree, which is how we’d normally think of a treehouse. You can also build a house right into the tree itself though. Turn the tree into your home rather than it just being the base. Treehouses are a perfect example of just how limitless Minecraft is. You can literally build anything.

Minecraft Easy House

Minecraft house blueprints

So we’ve tried to offer some inspiration for your next Minecraft building project. If you’re looking for something a little more defined, however, don’t worry. If this is your first time and you think designing your own home is beyond your level of expertise, you can find ready-made Minecraft house designs online. The best place we’ve found for Minecraft house blueprints is Grabcraft, which has plans for lots of different types of Minecraft home. Perfect for a starter house. The lists are well organized so it should be easy to find the plans you’re after. Also, if you think you might be up to building something a little more advanced, you’ll be able to find plans for all sorts of other buildings like castles and churches.

Minecraft blueprints

We hope we’ve been able to give some great ideas for your next Minecraft building project. You can literally build whatever you want in Minecraft and we want to see what you do build. Make sure you share with us all your completed building projects. Let’s see some screenshots in the comments below!

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