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How to Get a Cape in Minecraft in 3 Simple Steps



Have you seen your friends running with a cloth behind their backs and wondered how to get a cape in Minecraft? The chances are that they received it as a prize from the Mojang team. However, there are some mod developers who have taken it into their hands to create customized capes that you can use.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

Unfortunately, the only way to get a cape in Minecraft is to install a utility software program or mod. You should keep in mind that other players must run the same mod to be able to see your cape. Can you imagine how funny you must look sporting an item that no one else can witness?

Step 1: Install Optifine

You can use any Minecraft mod program, but we recommend Optifine that’s usually used to install shaders in the game. All you need to do is download the installation file and let the wizard help you with the setup. Remember to move it to your Minecraft folder.

Step 2: Download a cape mod

Next up, you’ll need to find a cape mod that you like. There are several available on the internet, such as Advanced Capes. You’ll need to extract the zip file to your mods folder.

Step 3: Run around with your cape

When you run your  Minecraft launcher, remember to switch to Optifine or the mod program you selected. As soon as you’re in the game, you can start using the new capes you downloaded.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Ok, so this method of getting a cape in Minecraft isn’t ideal, but it’s the best solution available at this point in time. We’ll have to wait until the developer introduces capes in the same way it did banners not so long ago. 

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