The first Minecraft ‘The Wild Update’ releases to Java Edition with snapshot 22w11a

Russell Kidson


The work on Minecraft is never done. Developers, Mojang Studios, and the Minecraft community are continually making improvements and additions to the popular game to keep players intrigued. Mojang Studio just released another screenshot to players in the Java edition, meaning the full release is getting closer.

We have been waiting on Minecraft’s The Wild update since the studio announced it in 2021. The first official snapshot has been released for Java Edition players to test. This is the first screenshot released to fall under the version 1.19 update umbrella.

The first Minecraft ‘The Wild Update’ releases to Java Edition with snapshot 22w11a

The Wild update will be the first significant content release for Minecraft in 2022, following the release of Caves and Cliffs in 2021. The development team is now leaving Caves and Cliffs to focus their full attention on getting this new update released. 

Snapshot 22w11a introduces a brand new biome, Deep Dark, and new animals, blocks, and more. The new animals include frogs and tadpoles, which are exciting as frogs can eat small slimes, causing a slime ball to be dropped. Frogs can also eat small magma cubes dropping froglights in the process. Froglight blocks are new light source blocks, and the type of froglight dropped depends on the type of frog that ate the magma cube. Players will also be able to mine new decorative blocks called sculk.

While we are very excited about the new biome, animals, and blocks, these aren’t the only new content released with this screenshot. You can view the details of what’s included in snapshot 22w11a here. We look forward to the eventual release of The Wild update, and this latest screenshot brings us one step closer. For beginners to the game, you can read our complete Minecraft review.

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