Caves & Cliffs Update Announced at Minecraft Live



Minecraft Will Receive a Massive New Update For Caves and Cliff

One of the top sandbox games, Minecraft, is set to receive one of its largest updates yet! Called the Caves & Cliffs update, it’ll impact world generation and the vast landscape that’s created when you start a new map. Even your saved games will be affected, as it’ll change the entire structure of the Overworld.

However, the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update is too massive to ship in one single download. The developers are worried about the effect it will have on overall performance. Therefore, you can expect the first release in the summer and the second during the holiday season.

Besides technical considerations, the team is also looking after each member’s health. There are so many changes to be made, that developers and designers will be working around the clock to ensure that both releases arrive on time. You can look forward to new cute mobs, blocks, and items. 

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