Best Minecraft alternatives

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This week we’ve been focusing on video games that are perfect for playing when you’re stuck indoors. We’ve looked at the games with the best virtual recreations of real-world cities and also looked at the longest PC games that you can play for days. In that vein then, it makes perfect sense that we take a look at Minecraft. It makes sense because Minecraft is such a huge and open-ended game, that it can be called a world in itself. Minecraft’s endless possibilities make it the perfect game to help you keep yourself active while stuck indoors.

Best Minecraft alternatives

We had a look at Minecraft not too long ago, putting together various beginner’s guides on topics such as farming, mining, and crafting. You should check them out if you want to spend your time in the house playing Minecraft. What we’re going to look at today are some greet alternative games to Minecraft. Other infinite worlds for you to explore and inhabit while you’re stuck indoors. Let’s get started.

Alternatives to Minecraft

These games below all offer gaming experiences comparable to that you’ll find in Mojang’s Minecraft. If you’re tired of Minecraft or don’t like the graphics or simply want to play a different sandbox game that offers endless possibilities, try one of the games listed below. These are not just Minecraft clones though. These are the best games that build on the experience you’ll find in Minecraft.



Where do you start with Roblox? Minecraft is about building, Roblox is about building games. Single-player and multiplayer games. It is like a Lego/Minecraft hybrid that only introduces players to building elements that allow them- to experiment with and build on the ideas they have, but also gives them access to a vast library of all the greatest creations that have ever been built on the platform.

Roblox’s huge catalog of user-created games includes many fan-made versions of some of the biggest gaming franchises. These include the likes of GTA, Call of Duty, and more Pokémon games than you can count. If, however, you want to build on Roblox like you can build on Minecraft, then there’s plenty here for you too. Basically, if you’re a Minecraft fan who’s not too familiar with Roblox, check it out now because you will not be disappointed.

Lego Worlds

When you look at the block-based graphics of Minecraft and the building dynamics that have captured the imaginations of people all over the world, you can see how Minecraft’s success might have irked the people over at Lego HQ. Fortunately, though, Lego has a solid track record making excellent video games as well as brick-based kids playsets and it wasn’t long before Lego Worlds was born.

Lego Worlds is a great game too that in many ways offers a much more polished experience than you’ll get with Minecraft. As well as the building dynamics you find in Minecraft and the infinite possibilities that come with them, Lego Worlds also brings with it lots of the fun gaming engines that Lego has built into its long line of big-name Lego games from Star Wars to Batman. The gameplay in Lego Words is very well developed.

Lego Worlds Download now


Minecraft is a vast procedurally generated 3D world. That doesn’t mean, however, that 2D side-scrolling games can’t offer enticing alternatives to Minecraft and Starbound is the first of two we’ll look at today. It’s also the first of two sci-fi games we’re going to tell you about.

Starbound is a pixelated gem that sees you leading a ship that’s traveling across a galaxy as it flees its home planet. Unfortunately, however, the ship doesn’t far and crash lands on a different planet. This is the premise that sees you start your Starbound adventure. You’ll get to explore and conquer beautiful 2D realms, mine for resources, and then use them to craft bases, tools, weapons, and more. You’ll also have to battle procedurally generated monsters, but don’t worry as you can do so cooperatively with friends online.

Starbound Download now

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky doesn’t look like an obvious Minecraft alternative, but it definitely is one. The game looks a lot slicker than Minecraft does and gives gamers an entire open-world universe to explore. Players can fly between planets and set up base on any of them, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface bears similarities to Minecraft. Not least that the worlds are all procedurally generated, and you can build and craft everything you need to explore and colonize the galaxy.

This is a fantastic RPG-like alternative to Minecraft though because it offers you a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination run wild. There are no limits in No Man’s Sky, which is just like what you get with Minecraft. If you’re a Sci-Fi fan or if you’ve ever been obsessed with the infinite realm of space above us yet yearn to build and create just like you can on Minecraft, then No Man’s Sky is the game for you.

No Man's Sky Download NOW ►


The final Minecraft alternative we’re featuring today is almost like a work of art. When you really get into Terraria, your creations take on a mind of their own and become real things of beauty. At its core, Terraria is a digging and crafting adventure game, just like Minecraft. It is another of our 2D Minecraft alternatives though and has traded Minecraft’s iconic block style for an enchanting pixelated aesthetic. That’s where all the beauty and art comes from.

Terraria is a huge game too. Armed with your trusty pickaxe, the game offers an incredibly large number of items for you to collect, refine, and then craft. There’s a lot more combat in Terraria than there is in Minecraft as well, so if you’re looking for more of an adventure, this is the game for you. It’s not simply about finding more resources to craft more out there items like lightsabers, which you can. The further you go in Terraria and the deeper you mine, the more outlandish things will start to happen. Honestly, if you’re stuck inside and looking for a Minecraft alternative that will take you places you never knew you wanted to go, Terraria is the game you’re looking for.

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